A fat bastard starts the fitness journey

I’m 27 years old and I’m a fat bastard. 

I’ve always had a non-existent relationship with personal health. 

I’m an asthmatic, but for over a decade I’ve been a relatively heavy smoker. By “relatively”, read very. 

Most weeks, the only exercise I get is the short walk to work, the pub or the bus stop, and the walk up and down stairs to go for a cigarette.

And I’ve always been a big eater. The kind of big eater who’s favourite thing about Tuesday is that major pizza retailers run by one get one free deals — and whose favourite thing about Wednesday is that you only managed to get through one and a half large pizzas on Tuesday but have half a pizza greeting you for breakfast. The kind of big eater who ambitiously batch cooks for three days worth of meals but after finishing a plate on the first night, goes back for seconds and eats the next two days’ meals too. The kind of big eater who doesn’t understand why anyone would buy a six inch Subway instead of a foot long, and why anybody would choose not to double on cheese.

But sadly my disregard for my own personal health has caught up on me, and I came to the realisation that I am a fat bastard. I peaked at just shy of 14 stone, having put on 3 stone is as many years. At 5 foot 6, the NHS BMI calculator helpfully informed me that this officially makes me obese. 

Coming to the realisation that I am a fat bastard led me to firing off an awkwardly worded email at 2.37am two days before Christmas to a personal trainer. 

This felt like a sudden, gigantic leap. After spending my life ignoring the impact of my lifestyle on my body and my health, I’d taken the plunge into a brave new world of food plans and workout routines. 

In reality, it was a much longer journey. And over the coming months, I’ll be using this blog to explain how I came to the realisation that I am a fat bastard, detail why I decided to make a change, and chronicle my experiences trying to get fit and lose weight. 

At the time of writing, I’ve done just two gym sessions with my new personal trainer. And already it has been far, far harder than I’d anticipated.

Image credit: Snehalkanodia — WikiMedia Commons

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